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Copier Basics (From the Machine) Printing Basics (From your Computer)
- - Logging In and Out (Color Copy Access)
- - Authenticating to Print in Color
- - Scanning to Email
- - Password / Secure Printing
- - Two Sided Copies or Originals
- - Two Sided Printing
- - Stapling / Finishing Options
- - Stapled Sets and Collating
- - Zoom (Reduction & Enlargement)
- - Sorting vs. Grouping
- - Managing the Job List
- - Paper Types / Sources







Logging In and Out
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This copier is equipped with a method of controlling copies made in color while still providing easy access for black and white useage. In order to make color copies from the copier, a user must authenticate with a valid username and password. To begin the authentication process, press the "Access" hard key on the copier's control panel as shown below.

You will now notice the soft touch LCD has changed to a login prompt. When you see this screen, press the "User Name List" button as highlighted below.

You will now see a list of all users that have been configured to use this device for color output. Select your name from the list and press the "OK" button to continue with the login process as shown below. You can also use the "Filter" button to narrow the displayed results by only displaying the users that contain the information you type into the filter selection.

By pressing the password button as shown below, you will be prompted to enter you password.

A keyboard interface will appear allowing you to enter the password associated with the username you selected in the prior step. When you have finished keying in your password, press "OK" as shown below.

You have now successfully entered your credentials, and if you have entered them correctly may log into the device by pressing the "Login" button as shown below.

You will now have access to change the copy settings to utilize color output from the copier. Press the "Color" button to change the output mode to color from the default black and white as shown below.

Be sure to logout after you have completed your color copies. Do this by pressing the "Access" key twice. (or by pressing it once and following the prompts to logout) Here is a picture to remind you of the location of the "Access" key.

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Scanning to Email
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Your new copier has the capability to scan paper documents and convert them to PDF files that will be attached to an email and mailed to your email address. To use this feature in three easy steps, follow the numbered diagram below.

1. Place the system into scan mode.

2. Highlight the address or addresses you wish to scan to.

3. Press the start button to send the email.


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Two Sided Copies or Originals
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To get to the two-sided menu, (Also known as Back to Back or Duplex) choose the soft touch button highlighted by the red square as shown below.

The default position is "1- Sided > 1- Sided", which would turn one sided originals into one sided copies. "1- Sided > 2- Sided" will turn multiple one sided originals into two sided copies. "2- Sided> 1- Sided" Turns two sided originals into single sided copies. "2- Sided > 2- Sided" will make 2 sided copies from 2 sided originals.

The "Binding Position" button will change the way the two sides are oriented to one another. Be sure to press "OK" to return to the previous menu.

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Stapling / Finishing Options
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Staple options can be found under the "Finishing" soft touch button.

Choose between "Corner" for upper left corner (relative to the paper source) or "Two Position". If the document staples in the wrong corner because the orientation of the original type doesn't match the default orientation of the paper source, (for example, a landscape document) choose the "Position" soft touch button to adjust the staple points.

Here is a graphic of the position screen. The original direction menu should help you get your staple in the right location.

After you have made your selection, press the "OK" buttons to return to the previous menus.

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Zoom (Reduction and Enlargement)
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Reduction and enlargement can be done from the zoom menu. To access the zoom menu, press the button on the main menu labeled "Zoom". This is a snapshot of what you will see when you press the "Zoom" button.

This zoom menu allows you to select preset reduction and enlargement settings. To manually fine tune your zoom selection, use the "+" and "-" buttons. (Note that this is only for very fine adjustments) To manually key in a reduction or enlargement ratio, press the "XY Zoom" button and key in your selection using the numerical keypad. By pressing the "XY Zoom" button, you will see a screen similar to that shown below.

When keying in your selection, keep in mind the decimal place. For instance, if you would like a 75% reduction you will need to key in "750" on the keypad. If you only key in "75" then you are actually only setting the zoom to 7.5 which is outside of the allowable range of 25.0 - 400.0. Press the "C" button near the numeric keypad to clear the entry if needed. Press "OK" to return to the previous menu.


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Managing the Job List
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The joblist is crucial in an environment that shares the output device to many users. Press the "Job Details" soft touch button to access the details menu of the job list. The joblist manages current and pending output jobs. Sometimes a job will be held in this list if the copier cannot meet the conditions of the computer or copier output request. Consequentially, jobs requested while a previous job is held will also be held. For instance, the system may be out of paper or may not have the type of paper the end user has requested when they sent their print job. All jobs sent after this job will be held in the list as well. You can always see a mini job list from the main screen of the copier.

If requested jobs are being held because request conditions cannot be met (for any reason) it is important to setup the machine to meet this condition or delete the offending job from the joblist (you will most likely be prompted with this condition prior to accessing the joblist). Also, this machine has the capability to increase priority of jobs in the job list. This can be beneficial if your short run copy job is behind a 300 page computer print job. Remember that jobs committed for printing (top on the list) may or may not have their priority decreased depending on the stage of printing they are in.

After you have made your adjustments, press "Exit" to return to the copier main menu.

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Authenticating with your Account Code and Printing in Color
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Printing in color from your computer requires authentication. In order to do this, a valid username and passcode must be entered into the printer driver. To do this, choose "File" and "Print" from your application's toolbar. This will open your computer's print dialog, similar to that shown below. Choose the Color Copier from the list, and click the "Properties" button.

This will launch the printer preferences dialog. By using the "Authentication/Account Track" button you can ensure that your credentials are properly attached to your color print job.

You will then see the Authentication Dialog. Enter your information under "Recipient User".

Your "User Name" is the name portion of your email address. (All lowercase) Your password is your last four digits of your school phone extension.

You can then use the verify button to ensure that your information was entered as it was entered when the MFP was setup.

After closing this Authentication dialog, you can browse to the "Quality" tab of the driver and choose color output. Jobs sent to the copier without authenticating properly will only output in Black and White, even if the output settings are set to color on the "Quality" tab.

Be sure to change your settings back if you wish to print in Black and White.

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Password Printing / Secure Printing
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Secure printing will save the print job at the copier until you get to the copier to print it.

At the printer properties screen, select "Secure Print" from the "Output Method" Drop Down menu as shown below.

Now enter your "Secure Print ID" which is the name portion of your email address (all lowercase) and your "Password" which is the last four digits of your phone number, and click the OK button.

You will now return to the printer properties dialog, at which time "Secure Print" is enabled as an output method. Please note that if a user id and password were previously entered, you may have to choose the "User Settings" button to edit this information.

Retrieving the Secure Print from the copier:

Press the “User Box” Key, then in the lower right press “Secure Print”. Enter your user name and press “OK”. Next enter your password then press “OK”. (as they were entered in the print dialog at your computer) Your print job will now be displayed. Highlight it and press “Print” on the right side and then the “Start” button to print your job. Your job will print just as they were sent and after printing will be deleted.

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Two Sided Printing
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You can print two sided directly from your computer. To use this feature, click the "properties" button after you have selected your desired output device.

The following dialog will appear. Choose "Double Sided" from the "Print Type" dropdown menu as shown below. Notice how the graphical representation will change in the left hand pane to show you which way the paper will be flipped. If this is incorrect, use the "Binding Position" drop down menu below the 2- sided menu to adjust this.

The dialog boxes will close after you choose "OK". Your output will now be two sided for this print session.

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Stapled Sets and Collating
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You can staple directly from your computer. To use this feature, click the "properties" button after you have selected your desired output device.

The following dialog will appear. Under the "Finishing" tab, click the checkbox next to "Staple" as indicated below. Notice how the graphical representation will change to the immediate left of the drop down menu to show you the position of the staple. If this is incorrect, use the drop down menu to adjust this. Please keep in mind that paper source orientation is important in this process, as the copier will only staple on the leading edge of the paper as it exits the machine.

Notice the Red Square around "Collate" below. application collate settings may conflict with similar settings in the device driver, which could cause all of your sets to be stapled together or not stapled at all. Make sure to uncheck this option in the application's dialog box. (like the one shown below from Microsoft Word) The collate option in the driver is used for grouping and sorting, which will be explained in the next subject.

Don't ask the machine for something it can't give you. If you try to collate a collated stapled set, the machine will do its best to grant your request and staple them all together for you. This is mostly evident in Microsoft applications such as Word or Excel.

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Sorting vs. Grouping
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You can sort or group the output from your computer. To use this feature, click the "properties" button after you have selected your desired output device.

The following dialog will appear. Check or clear the checkbox next to "Collate" as indicated below. Notice how the graphical representation will change to the left of the check box to show you the output order.

Only the collate button in the driver should be used. Uncheck the collate button in your application if you are having difficulties sorting and grouping as sometimes the two will not be relational, dependant on the settings in the application.

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Paper Types / Sources
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This copier has the capability to print to many types of media located in any of the numerous paper sources equipped on each model. The paper source settings in the print driver must match those onboard the copier in order to successfully print.

For instance, the driver is set by default to automatically choose the drawer of the copier that best matches the job that is output from the copier.

It is possible to override these default settings, forcing the copier to print the job exactly how you tell it. Manually forcing a job to print to a specific tray and specific paper type and size could result in the copier being unable to print your job. For instance, if you tell the copier you want 11X17 extra thick (Thick 3) paper printed from drawer number one, then the copier will hold that job as unable to print until someone puts Thick 11X17 paper in drawer one and configures the paper settings on the copier to match. This scenario could result in someone deleting your job because it is interfering with their own. To prevent this, make sure the paper size, type, and source all match the settings on the copier, or use the auto setting.

These are the interfaces to manually pick a paper size, type, and source. Start by choosing "Paper Settings for Each Tray". Make each tray in the print dialog match that which is configured on the copier.

After you ensure these settings match those of which are on your copier, click the "Restore Device Status" to update the current configuration that is on the copier. Please note that this could change from use to use if people make changes at the copier.

In order to print to the copier with the settings that are currently enabled at the device, simply choose a "Paper Tray" and the driver will automatically set the paper type to what is currently in the copier.

It is possible to contradict these settings by manually setting the "Paper Setting for Each Tray", however keep in mind that the copier will most likely fail to print your job, which will hold the job in the print Queue until the failure condition is rectified. If you wish to contradict the settings, please use "Password / Secure Print" in order to store the job until you get to the device and make the paper trays match the settings of the job.

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